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    Persona 4 | Chie (Best Girl) Satonaka

    Persona 4 | Chie (Best Girl) Satonaka

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    garblocks asked: Alright, that was pretty funny but I concede this round. What abooooout Purse owner 4 the animation golden?


    Best girl from Persona 4 is Chie

    even though she leaves you akihiko in arena

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    garblocks asked: I'm gonna say Ao no Exorcist since I just watched an episode recently


    There ain’t any girls in that anime

    >meaning all the girls on that show are shit

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    Give me an anime and I’ll draw who I think is best girl.

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    Can’t draw today…

    — 2 weeks ago
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    Wow! I’ve never gotten so many followers at once. Hi guys (girls too?)!!!

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    Pokemon - Steven & Roxanne

    Pokemon - Steven & Roxanne

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